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Sherwood Ventures is a single family office established in 2021 and located in Boston, Massachusetts. We invest in early-stage life sciences companies seeking to cure a broad range of highly debilitating conditions, improve life, longevity, and health-span.

Technological advances are changing the limits of what we once thought possible. Marrying this potential with visionary and committed leadership, and providing the right strategic support, creates opportunities for transformative therapies addressing large unmet clinical needs.

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road to a healthier future

We are life science executives dedicated to advancing breakthrough biomedical technologies that can transform patient care and address previously untreatable conditions. We look for sound science, new thinking, committed founders, and opportunities where our experience can accelerate strategic execution. Areas of interest include rheumatology, ophthalmology, cell and gene therapies, biomaterials, and drug delivery

Our approach

We look for innovative breakthrough technologies that are able to address clearly defined clinical needs.


Our investment thesis is grounded in selecting technologies that target large, proven, and growing markets.


We partner with committed founders, who have a proven track record delivering success in their field.


Our goal is to match our investment portfolio to our experience in order to accelerate strategic execution.

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capital to advance medicine

There is no greater calling than advancing medicine.

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why life sciences

First and foremost our expertise are in the Life Science sector, ranging from regenerative medicine, to biomaterials and drug delivery. We believe that we can make the biggest impact in areas that comprise our core expertise enabling us to share our experience with the founders.

Moreover, we believe that the growing global population and aging demographics of many advanced economies, will drive the need for medical innovation for the foreseeable future. There is no shortage of diseases to cure and technology is rapidly advancing in a number of therapeutic modalities.

Finally, we are convinced that the greatest calling is medicine, treating and curing diseases, extending healthspan and lifespan. Developing new therapies is our passion, our driving force, the magnetic north that we hope will unite us with the founders and innovators to bring new ideas from bench to bedside.

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our investment Process

Our investment process varies case by case, but we strive to conduct thorough due diligence on the concept, market, and founders.

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We are always interested in hearing about new potential investment opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form or via our mutual network.

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